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Congo T.S. Ching

Address: Number 1, University Road, Puli, Nantou 54561, Taiwan, R .O .C
Email ID: tsching[@]ncnu.edu.tw

Expertise: Biomedical engineering


Congo T.S. Ching is Professor of College of Science and Technology, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan, R.O.C. He has degrees in prosthetics and orthotics from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (BSc, 1999) and in biomedical engineering from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (MPhil, 2002) and University of Strathclyde (PhD, 2005). Prof Ching?s main research interests are in the area of biomedical instrumentation design, point of care diagnostics, and non-invasive medical diagnostics. His recent achievements include: 2015 and 2010, University Outstanding Talent Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan; 2012, Distinctive and Outstanding Talent Merit Pay Award from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan; and 2012, Top Prize from the 2012 Creative Designs and Implementation Competition in Biomedical Engineering, Taiwan. Other honors include: 2005, Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; and 2005, First Medical Devices Faraday Colorado Fellowship from the Department of Trade & Industry, United Kingdom. He currently serves as the supervisor of the Taiwan Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society, associate-editor of the World Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, and is on the Editorial Review Board of Translational Medicine and Biotechnology.

Editorial Board:

Gianluca DI PROFIO
Separation science and Technology
Address: Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM), Via P. Bucci,
Cubo 17/C c/o Università Della Calabria, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy
Email ID: g.diprofio[@]itm.cnr.it
Peng Wang
Medical device, Medical engineering, Computational method
Address: 10626 Brookhollow Ct, San Diego, USA
Email ID: pw96[@]live.com
Rachid Jennane
Radiology,2D and 3D Image processing
Address: University of Orleans, 6 Avenue du Parc Floral,
I3MTO Laboratory, 45100 Orlèans, France
Email ID: Rachid.Jennane[@]univ-orleans.fr
Raju Bandu
Analytical chemistry (Mass spectrometry), Biomarker discovery
Address: Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Applied Science,
Kyung Hee University, Yong in City, South Korea
Email ID: raju.bandu[@]gmail.com
Ramesh Marupaka
Analytical chemistry, Mass spectrometry
Address: 937 Clopper Road, Apartment A3,
Gaithersburg, USA
Email ID: rameshmrpk[@]gmail.com
Yu Cao
Address: 152, Luoyu Road., Wuhan City. Hubei.
P.R.China Post Code:430079
Email ID: caoyu[@]mail.ccnu.edu.cn



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